Nola Shopper Closing Shrouded in Mystery

From 2003 till 2009 The NolaShopper grew its subscription base to over 50,000 consumers and is estimated to have taken 30% of the ad revenue from local competitors prior to its ultimate demise/sale. Even after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the web press they were operating from, Michael Enzo pushed on with a skeleton staff and often offered college credits to graphic designers from Loyola University (to which he had no affiliation). He somehow structured a bond financing deal through the city and traded ad space for products while still struggling to make payroll. He was often described as a “gigolo ”  and was non existent from the offices except on rare occasions when seen with women on brief tours around the facility. Occasionally he appeared before the circulation runs with garbage bags full of cash, dressed as a homeless man, and stinking of liquor. He loved to compare himself to EW Scripps and often spouted off that “I drink more whiskey, smoke more cigars, and sleep with better looking women than Pulitzer and Hearst combined.”

In the fall of 2009, the paper was absorbed by The Stone Group and Michael Enzo left the country with a pocket full of cash and a glimmer in his eye. Enzo set off looking for the next “great opportunity.” This site is dedicated to the employes, staff writers, photographers, students (who never received college credits) and day players who left their blood, sweat, and tears behind on the editing floors. The people who were often working ridiculous hours with little or no direction underneath an unqualified editor, Ben DeHaven, whom Enzo offered the job to in a poker room in Las Vegas after a 54 hour session. It’s my hope that this site offers at the very least some solace that we aren’t crazy. This place actually did exist, and if you need references to back up your resumes and were an old staffer-I am here to help.

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